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Hi… I am Sisi Oja

Lagos’ Finest Marketpedia

Hi… I am Sisi Oja

The Lagos Finest Marketpedia

Quick Intro

About Sisi Oja
I am Sisi Oja, and I am Lagos’ Finest Shopping Ninja and Marketpedia. I have an amazing knowledge of all of the markets in Lagos, Yes. I really do.  So hundreds of people (Nigeria and abroad) trust me with their everyday Shopping Management, Budgeting, and Assistance needs.


Our Services & Offers
Shopping Management & Assistance Services
Personal Errands & Delivery Services


Create-Your-Own Tasks


What We Charge

Shopping Assistance Services

  • Default on 25% on all purchases made. All items are purchased at the best bargained market prices.
  • Rates could however vary, depending on size/ease of purchases of items required.
  • A more concise rate would however be sent to you, once we have your item description and budget.

Shopping Concierge Services

  • Rates start at N2500 per hour. One hour minimum required
  • Fees are calculated in 15 minutes Increments after the first hour.
  • Whole Day (6 Hrs or More) Rate; N12,500.

satisfaction guaranteed!

What Our Clients Say
Sisi Oja sure knows her onions when it comes to Lagos Markets. She commands the market place. She knows just the right places to get whatever, and at the best prices; She does the absolute best with haggling and bargaining.  We were in and out of the market in no time. My goal of saving time and most especially money was achieved.

My son had a presentation in school, and I had so little time to get his costumes because it was such short notice. A friend recommended Sisi Oja. She sorted the outfits and all my other needs in less than two days, I’m still in awe. She’s definitely a live-saver!!

Sisi Oja helped with all of my pre and post pregnancy needs. From shopping maternity dresses and pre-birth items, to post-birth clothing and all of my baby needs. All I need do, is make my list, fold my arms, cross my legs and let Sisi Oja do her thing

I had less than a week to plan my Son’s Baby Dedication Ceremony. All I did was Call Sisi Oja, and she put everything together in less than 4 days. Yeah, 4 days. From Fabric Sourcing, to ensuring the clothes were properly made, to taking care of all of our Shopping needs.  She’s pleasant, pays attention to details and is meticulous. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime, any day

Sisi Oja is one of the most important people I met this year. She’s like your market Wikipedia and she’s always willing to assist no matter how many times I call. She also stretches beyond and ensures you get good value for your money. I really enjoyed and still enjoy her services.

All I know is when sisioja says “say no more”, you can literally take those words for what it means. When I tasked her, I only gave her the idea I had, I didn’t give her any specifics like colour or design. But when she delivered, it was even cuter than what I had imagined in my head. I think this is one service provider that not only uses muscle to work but also adds plenty of brain in delivering orders.

Sisioja; Simplifying Lives

One [t]ask at a time