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The Sisi Oja Story

Lagos’ Finest Shopping Ninja & Encyclopedia

I am Sisi Oja, and I am Lagos’ Finest Shopping Ninja and Marketpedia. I have an amazing knowledge of all of the markets in Lagos, Yes. I really do.  So hundreds of people (Nigeria and abroad) trust me with their everyday Shopping Management, Budgeting and Assistance needs.

Being the youngest child in the family, I was the “errand girl”. I still am; by the time I was 17, I knew the ins and outs of all of Lagos’ largest markets – from the Epe fish market to ASPAMDA in Ojo. I enjoy going to the market – it is my hobby. I could go to the market for the tiniest thing such as a maggi cube.  Shopping thrills and excites me

 In January 2018, “Sisi Oja” Happened. Wasn’t really what I set out to do. Using a mélange of technology, social media, my cheerful personality, my Engineering Background and pro bono assistance from friends and colleagues, Sisi Oja has grown into a foremost personal shopping and errand services business that thrives on providing the clients with the items they desire at the cheapest price, and with convenience. Although, currently run as a sole proprietorship, Sisi Oja is projected to become a globally-strewn franchise by the year 2022.

Whether you require to be taken to the market for quick buys and best deals, or you require your needs to be handled, shopped and delivered right to your doorstep, I’m your go-to person. Just make a shopping list (from groceries to jet fuel or ANYTHING) and Ask me to either take you to the best places at the market for the best buys, or Task me on getting them to you.

Totally excited to have you here. Now, Lets simplify your life. One [T]ask at a time.


Sisioja simplifying your life

One task at a time